Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Down in the Dumps

I am sad to say it but there will be no snow day/ bake-a-thon! All the snow we were supposed to get amounted to barely an inch or two...I took some pictures of it when it started coming down... the doggies were oh so happy to go run around in it. I attempted to make snow balls for them to fetch but I was in PJ's and sandals so it only lasted about 10 minutes :O)

I have had a request for more cinnamon rolls here at work... I think I might try these little homemade doughnuts that I have the recipe for instead though and let them try that. My goal is to do that tonight or tomorrow night so we can all look forward to a post about that!

Here are some pictures of the snow... it is not much but that is about all we got!

Sorry the pictures look to be such a bad quality... I am not sure why they turned out that way...

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Sinfully Yours,




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